Project Reference

Over the past five years our company has been successfully completed different projects and handed over to the client. Currently we are running and executing different construction projects.


S.N Project Client Project Value Current Statues
1 Shabe Town WSSP OWMEB 10.99 Million Completed
3 Koraty Weseno SSIP Toke Kutaye Irrigation Development Authority 1 Million Completed
4 Burayu City Administration Stadium and Infrastructure Works Burayu City Administration 4.75 Million Completed
5 Yubdo Town WSP OWMEB 10.70 Million Completed
6 Kake Town WSP OWMEB 24.2 Million Completed
7 Angelelo Gonosa WSP OWMEB 8.67 Million Completed
8 Tefki Town WSSP OWMEB 20.68 Million Completed
9 Mariam River Project Addis Ababa City A. 21.32 Million Completed
10 Hambiso Town WSSP OWMEB 56.97 Million Completed
11 Sire Town WSSP OWMEB 46.07 Million 95% Completed
12 Geba Dafino Town WSP Oromia Water and Energy Resource Dev.t Bureau 154 Million 10% Completed
13 Haro Sabu Town Water Supply Project Oromia Water and Energy Resource Dev.t Bureau 263 Million 5% Completed
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