Our Project Management and Execution Philosophy

  • Creating Detail Schedule and Resources Plan to Meet Client’s Project Objectives and Requirements.
  • Using Professionals and Well Skilled Manpower, Training & Capacitating of Employees.
  • Communicating Projects Clearly to all Stakeholders.
  • Close Supervision of quality of works
  • Completing and Commissioning the Projects on Time, Within Budget, and to the Satisfaction of Client.
  • Socially and Environmentally Responsible and Stick to Safety Guidelines
  • Working in Collaboration with Local and Foreign Companies.


  • Procuring Projects at Competitive Pricing, Providing Safe Working Conditions, Deliver Quality Work within Reasonable Time Frame and Budget.
  • Building Long Term Relationships with Customers and Clients and Providing Exceptional Customer Services by Pursuing Business through Innovation and Advanced Technology.


To be a Respectable Contractor and Hand over the Projects beyond Expectations of Our Client and Building Good Reputation in the Field of Construction Industries.

Core Values

Integrity, Pride, Enjoyment,

Honest, Trust, Team Work, Sense of owner ship


Our top-level Goal is always to Build Integrity by being honest and open with Our Clients, Consultants, Sub-contractors and all Our Stakeholders.


We instill in all Our Site Staff and Management a Sense of Self Achievement and Personal Responsibility to provide a feeling of Personal Pride for each and every Person Who Works on Wada’s projects. It’s Personal Pride in a Job Well Done, Whatever the Task.


We understand that each stakeholder in a project has a job to do. However, we also know that if people enjoy what they do, they’ll be happier, healthier and achieve more.  For most of us, work is a big part of life and life is for enjoying. That’s why at Wada Engineering we always do our best to make every job enjoyable, so all who work with us will have a good time doing it.

These three core values are a reflection of the good old-fashioned values of hard work & trust which we have based our business on. When we add a careful planning and a ‘can-do’ attitude to our combined experience, we believe we have created a very strong and appealing business model. This is the reason why we at Wada Engineering, now have a sound base of repeated clients that know and trust our company, and enjoy the building process with us.